hangama amiri

Gente de España
Almería, Andalusia, Spain | 2017

Gente de España is a painting series based on my artist-in-residency program at Joya: AiR: arte + ecology Residency in Almería, Andalusia, Spain. Over the course of the two-week art residency program in Almería, "I researched colour noting, journalling and sketching the small villages of Velez Rubio and Velez Blanco within the communities of Los Gázquez Almería. In this series, each painting depicts local Spaniards against their agricultural lifestyle, culture, ornamentation, and architectural landscapes that they inhabited. As an artist, I was interested to share my artistic practice with the community of Almería and to experience a slice of the cultural differences within the south side of Spain’s vast landscapes."

Alfonso; Velez Blanco, 2017. Ink &  acrylic oil on woodpanel, 14''x11''

El Paisaje de la Cueva, 2017. Ink & acrylic on woodpanel, 14'' x 11''

Inma against the Pitaras, 2017. Ink & acrylic on woodpanel, 14''x11''

Los Gazquez #1, 2017. Ink & acrylic on wood panel, 14'' x 11''

La Moller Montaña; 2017. Ink & acrylic on woodpanel, 14''x11''

Casa Blanco, 2017. Ink, acrylic & o il on woodpanel, 14'' x 11''

View from the Casttella de Velez Bl anco, 2017.

Los Gazquez #2, 2017. Ink & acrylic on wood panel, 14'' x 11''

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