Hangama Amiri

Hangama Amiri is an Afghan-Canadian artist who paints on the subject of childhood memory, cross-cultural dialogue, and Afghan feminism.

"My work is solely a reflection of my personal experiences and my cultural awareness of Afghanistan and Afghan culture. I do feel responsible to create post-feminist and modern artworks to open up a cross-cultural dialogue to expand views on what can be contemporary Afghan feminism.

I use materials such as patterns, cultural symbols and Dari text, to add Afghan elements in my paintings and symbolic objects that are attached to certain nostalgia in my memories. I also love the fact that every time I visit Afghanistan, I bring a full fist of Afghan soil to my studio in Canada, and mix it with oil paint to give texture to Afghan landscapes on canvas. From this exploration of cultural materials, I expand the notion of what contemporary Afghan feminism is and how my feminist work can relate to those objects of desire."

Hangama Amiri received her BFA (Major in Fine Arts) from NSCAD University in Halifax NS (2012), she was a Canadian Fulbright and Post-Graduate Fellow at Yale University School of Art and Sciences in New Haven, Connecticut (2015-2016). She has exhibited her paintings nationally and internationally, recently in New York City, Toronto, France, Italy and London (UK). Her first solo exhibition, The Wind-Up Dolls of Kabul, was displayed at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in the fall of 2011. Two paintings from The Wind-Up Dolls series were selected for IV Passion for Freedom Festival London (UK), 2012. Her collaborative project, Dome of Secret Desires was shortlisted at 5th Passion For Freedom Festival London (UK), 2013, and her recent collaborative video project, My Motherland 2015 was premiered at Aga Khan Museum in Toronto.

Amiri has won the 2011 Lieutenant Governor's Community Volunteerism Award, the 2013 Portia White Protege Award, and in 2015, her painting Island of Dreams won a runner-up honourable mention at RBC Canadian Painting Competition. She was an artist-in-residence at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity Independent Residency Program (Fall 2017), Joya AiR Residency Program in Almería, Andalucía, Spain (Winter 2017) and at World of Co. Residency program in Sofia, Bulgaria (Spring 2018).

This fall 2018, Amiri will be attending Yale School of Art to complete her MFA in Painting/Printmaking program in New Haven, CT.

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